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This collection of photos depicts my progress of my B9 Project.
Browse through the gallery for ideas and hints to help build your B9 !

This is the tred section, it's made from plywood and covered with styrene plastic.

This is the tred section again showing the side panels and also the knees made from wood..

This is a piece of art that was made by Mr. Mike Joyce he's a club member also.

This is a color organ kit that will sync the voice with it's chest light.

The famous claws made from wood and bondo, these I plan on motorizing.

The programming bay was made from plexi glass and will have working lights & switches.

The torso hooks made from 1/4" rod and plexi glass and blended with bondo.

These are the light rods made from 1/4" brass tube and spent rifle cartridges.

The brain cam will animate the light rods that will be locted in the robots bubble.

The brain cam on the drive shaft with motor attached. This will turn at only 7rpm.

The radar section made from plexi glass and wood. See the CV joint boot used for his neck.

The legs what are they made from ? FOAM PIPE INSULATION !And the treds are rubber strips glued together.

Well this is it for now, the torso is next as soon as the weather breaks and I can get outside.

It's taken almost a year to get to this point and I've really enjoyed every moment I've worked on him.

This starts the animation. His one claw will open and close and the other is just static for now.

Here the arms are in place. PVC pipe was used as the internal frame work.

The claw,wrist and PVC frame work. The wrist is also PVC plumbing parts.

Here is the connectors for the famed power pac !

The unfinished power pack in place.

Here is the power pack needing only some paint and screws to complete.

Well here is the brain cup & light rods. I still need to put the bottom flange on it but this is it so far.

This is my son Alec, boy can he sand one mean piece of wood. He also isn't completed!

Well Here I am, I'm the one on the right. I'm 6'2" so you can get an idea how big he'll be.

Well ,this is the start of the collar. I have 108 pcs of 1/4" plexi rod at 14'' Long ready to be formed.

Here are a few test pieces

The jig, Thanks Dad for cutting this out! I got the dims from our club site.

Whats for dinner ? Ribs ! This shows two ribs in the oven.

Well, Count them 108 ribs it took about three hours to form them. Now they are ready to get trimmed and then glued in place.

This is a masked that I painted, I got it from Mammoth Studios un painted. I love the Gillman and I had to show him off!